We can provide CCTV installations tailored to suite your needs from one camera systems to multi-camera systems using the latest digital technology. In recent years the quality of recordings has increased within the CCTV industry better quality pictures at a reduced cost there for system are so affordable not just for businesses but for the home as well.
The best format for recording pictures is in colour, the problem with colour cameras is that as the light level falls the picture soon begins to fade and break up so we use the latest colour/mono cameras as at low light level monochrome cameras are far more sensitive so by using colour/mono cameras you get colour during the day turning to monochrome at night we can also equip the camera with infrared lights so they can see in total darkness.

Entering and leaving the building was something staff and visitors alike did without a second thought, sadly that is no longer the case as more premises have to provide methods of controlling access to and from the building. We can provide systems tailored to suit your needs and budget from a simple intercom system to a P.C based access system. P.C based systems can give you an audit trail of who has been in and out of the building giving more control on who uses witch door not just on entry and exit doors but internal doors within the building its self.

Digital security & surveillance ltd provide intruder and panic alarms that are designed to provide continuous, reliable protection for people property and assets giving peace of mind security for the domestic and commercial sector by using the latest wireless, hybrid and hard wired systems. We can also provide maintenances and repairs to systems installed by others.

Digital security can provide gate and barrier automation to suit your needs; we at digital security have selected BFT to be there preferred supplier of gate and barrier automation. We can also repair and maintain your existing gate and intercom systems.
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